Attracting Tenants

As a property manager, no matter the type of property you manage, you want to have quality tenants at your properties. Attracting quality tenants can be easy if you follow these steps:

·       Write great listings for your properties. A lot of possible tenants use the internet to find office buildings, homes, apartments and more. Having a great listing is the most important step in finding those quality tenants. It is your first chance to draw their interest in a space or property. Your listing should have just enough information to peak your potential tenants interest. Make sure that your listing is written in a way that is informative and concise. If you are writing a listing for an apartment complex, be sure to double check prices and amenities or offers you include in your listing. The last thing you want to do is give your potential tenants the wrong information, as that will only drive them away. Another way to rise interest is to talk about all the hot spots and attractions near your property.

·       Professional photography is necessary. Professional photography may be pricey, but the photos can be used in many different ways including: the property website, social media, listings and more. Pictures are typically the first thing that people look at when they pull up a listing. Bad photos will scare away potential tenants before they even read about all your property has to offer.

·       Maintain the property. It is important for your property to look as good in person as it does online. When potential tenants are interested in your property, they will schedule a tour to see it in person. It is quite irritating for a potential tenant to drive over to the property with high expectations to be disappointed because the property is not well maintained. If it isn’t maintained on the day of the tour, they will assume that it never is and you may lose an excellent tenant because of that.

·       Be sure that your office staff does a good job communicating with possible tenants by answering and returning phone calls, emails, and social media inquiries. There is nothing more frustrating for a possible tenant than not being able to communicate with the staff at the property they are interested in.

You are sure to find some great tenants by following these steps. If you are in need of a manager for your property, give Tarantino a call today!