Be The Tenant

For most property managers, there is a standard level of expectations that is set and enforced throughout the property; stagnant and unquestioned. However, the secret to effectively maintaining an efficient code of conduct is through putting yourself in the position of your tenants.

An important lesson to learn immediately is that there is no “general” tenant. Each resident is an individual with their own set of wants and needs that they seek to be satisfied through the quality of their home. Differences between residents must always be considered if a property manager wants to learn how to best please them. For example, a property can be occupied by a range of people, from families to college students to elderly couples to single-parent homes. The differences between tenants can be vast, and a quality property manager must be prepared to treat each individual situation with sincerity and solutions. Nothing will make a tenant feel more cared for than knowing that their property managers have a genuine concern for their issues and are willing to strategize meaningful ways to solve their problem.

It is this level of care and attentiveness that will keep tenants satisfied and more likely to rent your property for a greater amount of time. Additionally, quality service such as this is going to attract a variety of new tenants who will have high preset expectations. Fortunately, when this happens, you should have plenty of practice and experience in customizing quality service to fit the needs of the individual!