Bringing Value to Your Building

Having a rental property is not as easy as one may believe. You will not only find more time on your hands but you will see that you have actually saved money! The real question is finding a property management company that will be the best for you. Tarantino knows what you should look for as Tarantino Properties has successfully been in the business since 1980.

·      BUSINESS ACUMEN: Find a company that has the knowledge of increasing profitability and operating performance in each project. For instance, Tarantino Properties is seasoned in developing a business plan for their properties. Their plan encompasses and operating budget, a detailed market analysis, and property assessment.

·      FACILITY MANAGEMENT: Find a company that has the knowledge of construction of the property. You will need to be able to rely on them to suggest improvement and provide preventative maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs. If there is an emergency and you are the only person there, will you be able to act quickly and swiftly? Property management companies typically have built excellent relationships with those in the industry that can help with repairs, rent collection, locksmiths, electrical, plumbing problems and whatever else may come up.

·      TENANTS/UNIT OWNERS: Being nice and loving the tenant owners sounds easy enough but do you really want to deal with them if they are unhappy or mad? Find a company that experience in handling a variety of disputes. Tarantino is excellent at resolving conflict without other owners getting involved or even bothered by an incident. It is amazing at how a good relationship between the property management team and the tenants can enhance a building, reduce vacancies and save on turnovers.

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