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How a Shopping Center Specialist Can Help You

November 13, 2020

How a Shopping Center Specialist Can Help You

Managing or leasing a new retail commercial property can be a daunting task if you do not have someone who understands the intricacies involved behind running a shopping center. Your daily to-do list could suddenly explode from having to address simple property maintenance, to facilitating tenant improvements, or more extensively, having to oversee a total build out of a space when a new lease is signed. Utilizing the services of a shopping center specialist allows clients to ease the burden of these tasks while our team ensures the highest possible return on their investment. Our goal is to maximize your investment value by increasing the revenue and decreasing the expenses without sacrificing the integrity of the property.

A shopping center specialist has comprehensive market knowledge and is skilled in determining the position of the property and will know how to effectively market your commercial space to qualified tenants. The in-depth benefits of hiring a shopping center specialist proves to be invaluable by saving you time, cost, and risk to your asset.

Here’s how a professional shopping center specialist can help with your property. #TarantinoProperties

Market to the Right Audience

How will prospective tenants find the new retail space? A Shopping center specialist will advertise your commercial property to the right target audience, network on your behalf and market the asset to find the ideal tenant mix and negotiate the most competitive rate for your retail center.

Vetting Tenants

Hiring a shopping center specialist arms your property with someone who has extensive expertise in developing retail leasing programs and have access to detailed market analysis, area demographics, lease economic analysis, advertising strategies, and marketing programs while taking a hands-on approach to all lease negotiations.

Work with an Expert

Clients will receive the benefit of having access to someone with in-depth knowledge on how to effectively manage and market their asset utilizing the most up-to-date marketing and research technology strategies available, translating those results to maximum occupancy and increase return on investment.

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