Easy Ways to Have Your Property Looking Great This Summer!

Summer is prime time for new tenants. Do not allow the busy season to slow down the upkeep of your property! Here are some summer maintenance tasks that will help you stay on the top of your game and have your property looking great.

·      Air Conditioners: It is hot enough outside, the last thing your residents want is to walk into a HOT apartment building. Make sure you have your AC serviced and in great running condition so tenants, guests and staff stay cool.

·      Cleanup of Garden and Common Areas: This is the perfect time to make sure that everything is trimmed back and the lawn mowed. It will keep the weeds away and keep your property looking crisp and sharp. Your residents take pride in where they live and that includes the outside of the property, as well. It is a great idea to plant colorful flowers that will attract the eye and add a beautiful touch to areas people frequent.

·      Use mulch: The heat will take its toll on the flowers and trees. If you add 2 inches of mulch to your garden beds, water will be retained by the soil for longer. This will also reduce utility cost and conserve water usage! Happy flowers make walks happier for residents too!

·      Let There Be Light: Lighting of walkways is not only a stylish way to entice renters but it keeps them safe as they walk in the evening. You can install solar lighting to save money, be energy-efficient and add a modern touch! Enhancing the sense of security for renters and potential renters is a great thing to do!

·      Models Must Model: Keeping your apartment model in great shape is an integral part of the success of your occupancy rates.  Summer is a busy time and you will be showing the model many times so it’s imperative to make sure that it is ready for every showing! Make sure that after each visit, the model gets dusted and that the smell is fresh and clean.

Happy Summer!