Student housing is a booming business, primarily for colleges all over the country. When choosing a management company for student housing, time is of the essence for residents to be moved in and settled in time for the school year or semester to begin. What should you plan for when making the important decision on a student housing property management company?

It’s imperative to have a plan in place when hiring a property management company for student housing. Take into consideration the quantity of space available for residents, building maintenance timelines, and the reliability of the management team to retain and recruit students as needed.

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Expect High Demand  

Student housing and educational campuses are ever-growing each year. With the high demand for quality education in a safe and comfortable environment, it’s important to understand that the demand for room and board among students is very high. You’ll need an experienced and professional property management team to help accommodate the supply of housing with the demand. Have a detailed conversation with the management team about their experience and goals when leasing residents.

There Will Be Tight Deadlines

Your property management company should understand it’s crucial to have all building regulations and accommodations ready for when resident leases begin. Set a checklist of building maintenance and daily or weekly priorities to be completed and review them with your property managers.

Quality Customer Service is a Must

Student housing builds a sense of community, and a property management company needs to understand the value of safety, reliability, and a great appreciation for their residents. You should feel confident that your management team will work hard to retain the number of residents and strive in marketing efforts to recruit new ones.

ProTip: When hiring a student housing property management company, ask them to work with you on creating a plan to attract students and keep current ones as returning residents to maintain success year-round.

Finding the Best Student Housing

With such a high volume of students registering and returning to school campuses and communities each semester, finding the right property manager that will work hard to keep your facility running smoothly will help you focus on whatever the school year brings your way!

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