Are you in charge of selecting the best property management team for your senior living facility? You’re going to want to consider many factors before you make your final decision. Where should you begin?

Do your research. Look up past and current properties your candidates are managing, ask questions and determine if they are a reputable company before you commit to doing business with them.

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Compile a List of Interview Questions

Think about what is most important to maintaining your facility and what might matter most to you if you were a resident. Ask your potential management company these questions to help you assess their quality of work. Are they experienced with senior living communities? Do they make resident comfort and staff satisfaction their priority? Take note of their responses to such questions to help evaluate whether they’re the right fit for your needs.

ProTip: Interview a few different property management companies when looking for the right team to manage your senior living community. Compare and contrast their answers based on what values you and your staff hold in common with your candidates.

Assess Quality of Customer Service

A professional senior property management company should understand that senior residents require care and compassion. Their comfort level should be the most important goal, so when choosing an assisted living property manager, ask your candidate how they will go above and beyond to ensure its residents and staff will feel taken care of and thrive in their environment.

Determine Their Reliability

A reliable property management team is one of the most important things to consider, especially for managing a senior living facility. If there is an emergency at any time that requires the manager to deal with the issue right away, you need to feel confident that they will be easy to get on the phone, arrive quickly and produce a solution in a timely manner.  

Put the Needs of Your Residents First

Once you feel confident in your decision on a property management company, continue to communicate with them about day to day maintenance and upkeep to ensure your staff and residents are happy and healthy in their community. Maintain a close working relationship with the team to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently for everyone.

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