What to Expect During Construction Management

A typical property management job consists of quality control, enforcing a schedule, budgeting time and money, and more. As a facet of the overall job, property construction management is a slightly more specialized career. While construction managers perform many of the same tasks as general managers, they’re focused on completing a construction project rather than maintaining a finished building.

In general, a construction manager does any work required to make sure a building project goes smoothly and finishes on time. Additionally, there are several tasks generally considered standard to the job that a construction manager will perform for your project. Let’s look at what you can expect during a building project.

Your construction manager will help you a lot in these few areas! #propertymanagement

Cost Management

Part of a successful construction project is staying within an agreed-upon budget. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances may interfere and increase the price. A construction manager will work to balance your budget so you don’t overpay for any additional expenses, keeping your costs as low as possible while ensuring you get the best quality work.

Contract Management

Your construction contract contains all the information and specifications that you and the construction crew need for the job to be completed successfully. A construction manager knows all the intricacies of proper legal writing and contract administration and will make sure that the agreement is honored by both parties. Their job is to prevent you from being scammed and to prevent the construction crew from ignoring the contract.

Quality Management

Finally, a property construction manager also monitors the quality of the construction work being done. Many different people work together on a construction project, and if one person gets lazy and leaves work unfinished, the rest of the building suffers as a result. A construction manager keeps an eye on everyone’s work to ensure that both legal and preferential standards are being met as your building takes shape.

Pro Tip: Part of quality management is also monitoring for safety hazards, both during and after construction. A good construction manager will quickly identify and correct any potentially dangerous situations.

Completing a Quality Project

The construction process requires a competent, efficient property manager to streamline all the necessary work and keep your monetary commitments as low as possible. Don’t settle for a general manager! Find a skilled construction manager for your next project.

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The Importance of Facility Management

Any type of property requires significant work to plan, manage, and maintain over time. As a property owner, you likely don’t have the time to invest all the effort necessary into caring for your properties as much as they need. That’s where professional facility management can help you.

A knowledgeable facility manager will help you with your property’s day-to-day operations, strategic planning, maintenance, attracting tenants, and more. Don’t wear yourself out trying to do this all on your own. A property manager will help you take care of the busy work so you can focus on your own tasks.

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Multifamily Property Management

If your properties include student housing, senior living, apartments, or similar accommodations, consider hiring a multifamily property manager. These professionals can handle the larger amounts of work and strategy required to keep multiple clients happy in the same property. Popular services include:

Pro Tip: With multifamily property management, you’ll be able to provide fast and helpful service to all the tenants in a single building at once!

Commercial Facility Management

Renting or leasing commercial space to a business presents more legal complications and factors than renting to an individual or family. With an extensive knowledge of legal and practical requirements for commercial properties, your manager will help you with:

Having an expert help with commercial properties ensures that every little requirement will be met. Consequently, you’re not likely to get sued!

Construction Management

Regardless of your property’s function, from time to time repairs and significant maintenance will be necessary. A property management team will take the stress off you by providing crucial supervision and legal coverage for each step of the construction process. Your manager will work directly with the construction crew to ensure a quick, simple repair job that will get your property back on track in no time.  

Effective Facility Management

A professional facility management team is ready to tackle any situation and keep your property running at its best. Trust our team of experienced experts to help streamline your property maintenance, whether in the legal department or with construction efforts.

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When to Outsource Construction Management Services

When you own a commercial real estate investment, it is inevitable that there will be renovations and upgrades at times. This brings up the question of whether it is best to hire an outside construction management team or handle it yourself. Have a large renovation on your commercial property to be done? Here are 3 times when it's best to outsource the work to a construction management service team. Click To Tweet

There are certain times and projects where it is just smarter to hire a third party construction management firm. When the project is remote, you are experiencing scheduling issues, or you just need some added expertise are all perfect ways to save money and time by utilizing construction management services.

Remote Projects

One of the best times to outsource your construction project to a management service is when the project is remotely located. Excessive driving to and from the project site not only consumes valuable time but is also a safety risk. Hiring a consultant puts the stress of dealing with safety and time concerns on their shoulders rather than yours.

Scheduling and Regulatory Issues

Regulatory work windows, weather constraints, and other scheduling issues can complicate your ability to complete a project on time and on budget. Likewise, some projects may need specialized construction techniques or heightened regulatory compliance that go beyond your in-house expertise. In these cases, hiring a construction management service team is the logical choice and allow someone with the necessary experience to handle the project.

Needed Expertise

When you hire a professional construction project manager, you are bringing someone in who has experience with the exact type of job that you need to be completed. They are bringing their wealth of knowledge with them from other job sites and companies to provide you with the best work possible.

ProTip: When you hire construction management consultants, you are bringing in a team of full-time professionals that are dedicated to overseeing your project and making sure the work is done on time and done right the first time.

Saving Time and Money With Construction Management Services

A professional construction management service is committed to protecting your interests at all cost. You can expect the best architecture and engineering firms to handle all permitting, zoning and community issues. The supervision and support throughout every step of the design and construction process ensure it will meet your needed specifications, budget and scheduling expectations.

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What is the Role of a Construction Manager?

If you’ve invested in a commercial property or multi-family property, you know that renovations and repairs are a necessary part of keeping your property thriving and bringing in capital. By utilizing a construction management service, you can be sure that high-quality work is done the first time. Needing to renovate your commercial property but don't know where to start? Here are the top reasons you need to outsource a construction manager to handle the project. Click To Tweet

Superior management is critical to the success of commercial and multifamily construction projects. With the right experts, you can make sure your renovation or construction project stays on budget and is completed right on schedule.

Design and Construction Process

A professional construction management team provides supervision and support in every step of the design and construction process to ensure that it meets the client’s specifications, as well as budget and scheduling expectations.

ProTip: A construction manager handles all permitting, zoning, and scheduling expectations.  

Staying On Budget

Using a construction manager can help your project stay on budget. Construction projects are commercial endeavors, and a manager will keep the money in mind while planning the whole project and work, making sure to cut unnecessary costs to stay within budget limits..  

Perfect Timing

A construction management team shoulders the responsibility of keeping your commercial project moving according to plan, ensuring that is finishes on time and within budget. We handle issues related to public safety, engineering, drafting, human resources, and time and quality management.

Construction Manager for All Your Commercial Real Estate Needs

Whether performing a minor renovation or a major transformation of a multifamily property or any commercial property, a qualified construction management team can help you see it through successfully every step of the way.

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