When to Outsource Construction Management Services

When you own a commercial real estate investment, it is inevitable that there will be renovations and upgrades at times. This brings up the question of whether it is best to hire an outside construction management team or handle it yourself. Have a large renovation on your commercial property to be done? Here are 3 times when it's best to outsource the work to a construction management service team. Click To Tweet

There are certain times and projects where it is just smarter to hire a third party construction management firm. When the project is remote, you are experiencing scheduling issues, or you just need some added expertise are all perfect ways to save money and time by utilizing construction management services.

Remote Projects

One of the best times to outsource your construction project to a management service is when the project is remotely located. Excessive driving to and from the project site not only consumes valuable time but is also a safety risk. Hiring a consultant puts the stress of dealing with safety and time concerns on their shoulders rather than yours.

Scheduling and Regulatory Issues

Regulatory work windows, weather constraints, and other scheduling issues can complicate your ability to complete a project on time and on budget. Likewise, some projects may need specialized construction techniques or heightened regulatory compliance that go beyond your in-house expertise. In these cases, hiring a construction management service team is the logical choice and allow someone with the necessary experience to handle the project.

Needed Expertise

When you hire a professional construction project manager, you are bringing someone in who has experience with the exact type of job that you need to be completed. They are bringing their wealth of knowledge with them from other job sites and companies to provide you with the best work possible.

ProTip: When you hire construction management consultants, you are bringing in a team of full-time professionals that are dedicated to overseeing your project and making sure the work is done on time and done right the first time.

Saving Time and Money With Construction Management Services

A professional construction management service is committed to protecting your interests at all cost. You can expect the best architecture and engineering firms to handle all permitting, zoning and community issues. The supervision and support throughout every step of the design and construction process ensure it will meet your needed specifications, budget and scheduling expectations.

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What is the Role of a Construction Manager?

If you’ve invested in a commercial property or multi-family property, you know that renovations and repairs are a necessary part of keeping your property thriving and bringing in capital. By utilizing a construction management service, you can be sure that high-quality work is done the first time. Needing to renovate your commercial property but don't know where to start? Here are the top reasons you need to outsource a construction manager to handle the project. Click To Tweet

Superior management is critical to the success of commercial and multifamily construction projects. With the right experts, you can make sure your renovation or construction project stays on budget and is completed right on schedule.

Design and Construction Process

A professional construction management team provides supervision and support in every step of the design and construction process to ensure that it meets the client’s specifications, as well as budget and scheduling expectations.

ProTip: A construction manager handles all permitting, zoning, and scheduling expectations.  

Staying On Budget

Using a construction manager can help your project stay on budget. Construction projects are commercial endeavors, and a manager will keep the money in mind while planning the whole project and work, making sure to cut unnecessary costs to stay within budget limits..  

Perfect Timing

A construction management team shoulders the responsibility of keeping your commercial project moving according to plan, ensuring that is finishes on time and within budget. We handle issues related to public safety, engineering, drafting, human resources, and time and quality management.

Construction Manager for All Your Commercial Real Estate Needs

Whether performing a minor renovation or a major transformation of a multifamily property or any commercial property, a qualified construction management team can help you see it through successfully every step of the way.

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Construction Management Services

Construction Management Services

One of the many services that Tarantino provides is construction management. We know that it can be difficult to manage large construction projects and we want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you by offering those services to help our clients succeed.

We believe that superior management is critical to the success of construction projects. Our seasoned construction experts are committed to protecting the interest of our clients. Tarantino’s team of professionals interact with architecture and engineering firms and handle permitting, zoning and community issues. Our people are skilled at carefully implementing and managing construction plans, schedules, and costs. We offer extensive expertise in all phases of design and construction to ensure the construction process meets the client’s objectives, budget, and scheduling expectations.

Whether performing a minor face-lift or a major transformation of a property, Tarantino has completed building renovations from $100,000 to $60 million, start to finish. We are experienced at helping customers generate a better return on their investments by directing their renovation dollars, so they will have the greatest impact on income and property value.

Our seasoned construction experts interact with architecture and engineering firms and handle permitting, zoning and community issues. Our people are skilled at carefully implementing and managing construction plans, schedules, and costs.

We can provide cost efficient and quality construction, because of our long term following of subcontractors. If you are seeking an experienced company to handle construction management for your business, contact Tarantino today and we will blow you away with our knowledge and services.

Bringing Value to Your Building

Bringing Value to Your Building

Having a rental property is not as easy as one may believe. You will not only find more time on your hands but you will see that you have actually saved money! The real question is finding a property management company that will be the best for you. Tarantino knows what you should look for as Tarantino Properties has successfully been in the business since 1980.

·      BUSINESS ACUMEN: Find a company that has the knowledge of increasing profitability and operating performance in each project. For instance, Tarantino Properties is seasoned in developing a business plan for their properties. Their plan encompasses and operating budget, a detailed market analysis, and property assessment.

·      FACILITY MANAGEMENT: Find a company that has the knowledge of construction of the property. You will need to be able to rely on them to suggest improvement and provide preventative maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs. If there is an emergency and you are the only person there, will you be able to act quickly and swiftly? Property management companies typically have built excellent relationships with those in the industry that can help with repairs, rent collection, locksmiths, electrical, plumbing problems and whatever else may come up.

·      TENANTS/UNIT OWNERS: Being nice and loving the tenant owners sounds easy enough but do you really want to deal with them if they are unhappy or mad? Find a company that experience in handling a variety of disputes. Tarantino is excellent at resolving conflict without other owners getting involved or even bothered by an incident. It is amazing at how a good relationship between the property management team and the tenants can enhance a building, reduce vacancies and save on turnovers.

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