4 Common Complaints About Property Managers

No property manager is perfect. From time to time, clients will have disagreements or complaints about a manager’s decisions. For a property manager, complaints are as much part of the job as anything else. Professionals should know how to handle these problems when they arise.

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Common Client Grievances

Just like any other job, even negative customer feedback can help managers improve their performance and better help their clients. Clear communication between the parties will help fix the problem or clear up any misunderstandings. A few of the most common complaints directed at property managers include: 

  1. Handling too many responsibilities
  2. Avoiding responsibilities
  3. Lack of communication
  4. Overspending

1) Handling Too Many Responsibilities

Some people are experts at multitasking, while others aren’t. Regardless of your ability to juggle multiple projects at once, most people realize that taking on too much work at one time means that no one piece of work gets the attention it needs. The same principle applies to property managers. If a facility manager is struggling to balance multiple properties, individual locations will get passed over at inopportune times. See if your manager can lighten his workload, or find a different manager who can dedicate more time to you.

2) Avoiding Responsibilities

A property manager’s apparent laziness can either be a separate problem entirely or a consequence of number one. Maybe the manager genuinely forgot about a certain problem after a long day juggling several other properties. However, some managers do neglect or forget commitments made to property owners. When this happens, make sure to remind your property manager of what you asked him to do.

3) Lack of Communication

This problem can be the fault of both parties in some cases. A client who needs to get hold of a property manager will have better luck calling during business hours than late at night, for instance. On the other hand, some property managers need a little reminding before they’ll settle into a comfortable communication routine with you.

Of course, sometimes a property manager just doesn’t communicate as much as necessary. Regardless of the reason, communication is critical to the manager-client relationship and you as the client must continue asking until you hear back.

Pro Tip: Your property manager works for you. If you feel they aren’t communicating effectively with you or treating you respectfully, ask the management company if they can recommend another manager.

4) Overspending

Property managers may coordinate maintenance and other work for your properties, but you ultimately pay for any work they order. Make sure the manager clearly understands your budget and doesn’t continually leave you short on money. Ask them to explain every potential charge and how essential it is before you pay for a new project.

Maintaining a Professional Relationship

A professional manager ultimately wants your buildings to stay maintained and full of tenants as much as you do–after all, you both ultimately benefit from a lucrative property. Learn to address complaints quickly and try to come to a resolution that will make both parties happy.

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Choosing a Property Management Company for Your Senior Living Facility

Several crucial aspects of property management stay the same across different types of facilities. However, providing assisted living management services comes with its own set of challenges. Before hiring a property manager for a senior living community, be prepared to see if they’re really up to the task.

A senior property manager has to remember the special needs of the residents as well as the typical requirements for maintaining a property. How well do they handle interactions with seniors and potentially difficult residents or family members? Can they still balance professionalism and customer service with expert property management? Before you hire anyone, ask questions and try to learn more about how they’ll handle certain situations or problems.

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Visiting Schedule

If the manager has to visit the property for any reason, they should always send you and the residents advance notice. Keep the visiting date on the schedule and make sure neither you nor the property manager is inconvenienced when they arrive. Simply put, neither of you should be surprised by a visit. Both parties should allow themselves plenty of time to prepare.

Pro Tip: Your senior living property manager should always be ready to help you and your residents with problems quickly.

Professionalism and Customer Service

During the interview process, observe how your candidate treats you and the senior residents they’ll be interacting with. Are they generally pleasant and professional? Do they treat you and the residents with respect? A positive attitude will go a long way toward being an effective, well-liked property manager. If you could see yourself working with this person long-term, continue the interview process.

Additionally, reliability is a crucial skill. Have they proven themselves to be trustworthy? Are they reliable enough to show up on time and keep their word? Property management experience is of course critical to working in senior living management, but honesty and trustworthiness also mean a lot.

Sales and Marketing

Finally, ensure that your prospective property manager knows how to develop an effective marketing plan for your assisted living community. At the end of the day, you are running a business, and businesses require a detailed marketing strategy. Your property manager should be ready to help you advertise your senior housing facility and attract new residents. See if you can find any of their past marketing work to get an idea of what you can expect.

Hiring a Property Management Company for Senior Living

Assisted living management is an entirely different work style and environment from managing an apartment complex or shopping center property. However, with the right skills for the job, your property manager will be up to the task. A detailed interview and research on the candidate should tell you everything you need to know.

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What Your Project Management Company Should Know About Senior Living Communities

Do you own a senior living community and need property management? You may have already begun your search for the right property management team. Find the best fit by being clear about your expectations up front, so there are no surprises later on. What should a property manager be aware of as you consider hiring them for your senior living facility?

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Compile a list of what’s most important to you and your residents to help you make your decision on partnering with a property manager. You should be able to rely on the company to communicate with you effectively and understand that managing a senior living property requires someone with experience in senior care. You should also keep the comfort of your residents in mind as you make your final decision. Here’s what your property management company should know about senior living:

They Need to Be Readily Available to You

Ask about the property manager’s support services. Ask them how they would handle an emergency situation. Let them know that it’s of utmost importance to you and your residents that they are available at all hours to quickly resolve any problems that may occur.  You want to keep the environment for the residents as stable as possible, so your property manager’s reliability is a top priority.

ProTip: As you consider hiring a property management company for your senior living community, ask if the manager’s availability is limited to working hours or if they offer 24/7 on-call service.

You Need Advanced Notice of Visits

You should consider hiring a property management company that understands there are areas of an assisted living community where senior residents require a sense of calm and peace. Other areas are for more active senior adults and don’t require as much quiet time. If repairs are going to be done in a certain space, ask when the management team plans on arriving so you can accommodate your guests’ comfort while the work is being done.

Marketing is Important to Attract New Residents

Most property management companies assist with marketing strategies to bring people to your facility. This will create a buzz around your senior living community while encouraging potential clients to learn more about what you have to offer your residents. It’s a good idea to choose a property manager that offers sales and marketing services with experience – specifically in senior housing.

Consider Multiple Candidates

Don’t rush into a decision until you find a senior living property management team that will accommodate all your requirements. The wellbeing of your residents comes first! Choose a company that will act as a long-term partner and work alongside you to make your senior housing community thrive.

Join the conversation and share your requirements when choosing a property management company for your senior living facility.

What to Expect in Property Management for Student Housing

Student housing is a booming business, primarily for colleges all over the country. When choosing a management company for student housing, time is of the essence for residents to be moved in and settled in time for the school year or semester to begin. What should you plan for when making the important decision on a student housing property management company?

It’s imperative to have a plan in place when hiring a property management company for student housing. Take into consideration the quantity of space available for residents, building maintenance timelines, and the reliability of the management team to retain and recruit students as needed.

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Expect High Demand  

Student housing and educational campuses are ever-growing each year. With the high demand for quality education in a safe and comfortable environment, it’s important to understand that the demand for room and board among students is very high. You’ll need an experienced and professional property management team to help accommodate the supply of housing with the demand. Have a detailed conversation with the management team about their experience and goals when leasing residents.

There Will Be Tight Deadlines

Your property management company should understand it’s crucial to have all building regulations and accommodations ready for when resident leases begin. Set a checklist of building maintenance and daily or weekly priorities to be completed and review them with your property managers.

Quality Customer Service is a Must

Student housing builds a sense of community, and a property management company needs to understand the value of safety, reliability, and a great appreciation for their residents. You should feel confident that your management team will work hard to retain the number of residents and strive in marketing efforts to recruit new ones.

ProTip: When hiring a student housing property management company, ask them to work with you on creating a plan to attract students and keep current ones as returning residents to maintain success year-round.

Finding the Best Student Housing

With such a high volume of students registering and returning to school campuses and communities each semester, finding the right property manager that will work hard to keep your facility running smoothly will help you focus on whatever the school year brings your way!

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What to Look for in Senior Living Property Management Services

Are you in charge of selecting the best property management team for your senior living facility? You’re going to want to consider many factors before you make your final decision. Where should you begin?

Do your research. Look up past and current properties your candidates are managing, ask questions and determine if they are a reputable company before you commit to doing business with them.

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Compile a List of Interview Questions

Think about what is most important to maintaining your facility and what might matter most to you if you were a resident. Ask your potential management company these questions to help you assess their quality of work. Are they experienced with senior living communities? Do they make resident comfort and staff satisfaction their priority? Take note of their responses to such questions to help evaluate whether they’re the right fit for your needs.

ProTip: Interview a few different property management companies when looking for the right team to manage your senior living community. Compare and contrast their answers based on what values you and your staff hold in common with your candidates.

Assess Quality of Customer Service

A professional senior property management company should understand that senior residents require care and compassion. Their comfort level should be the most important goal, so when choosing an assisted living property manager, ask your candidate how they will go above and beyond to ensure its residents and staff will feel taken care of and thrive in their environment.

Determine Their Reliability

A reliable property management team is one of the most important things to consider, especially for managing a senior living facility. If there is an emergency at any time that requires the manager to deal with the issue right away, you need to feel confident that they will be easy to get on the phone, arrive quickly and produce a solution in a timely manner.  

Put the Needs of Your Residents First

Once you feel confident in your decision on a property management company, continue to communicate with them about day to day maintenance and upkeep to ensure your staff and residents are happy and healthy in their community. Maintain a close working relationship with the team to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently for everyone.

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3 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Senior Care Facility

Senior living communities face unique challenges compared to other multifamily properties. Marketing, leasing and managing these facilities takes expert care, a compassionate approach and an understanding of the nuances of elder care. Has your senior care facility faced a slump in recent years or months? Here are 3 ideas to reverse the downslide. Click To Tweet

Reinvigorate Your Senior Care Facility

Keeping the rooms in your senior community full is an ongoing challenge. So how can your facility reach potential residents, maintain the tenancy, and maximize occupancy?

  1. Prioritize Hiring
  2. Provide Entertainment
  3. Budget With Care

1) Prioritize Hiring

All the latest technology in the world cannot make up for a lack of friendly, professional employees. Friendliness is a trait that residents and their loved ones value, almost above all others. From the executive director to the person at the front desk, genuine, unpretentious friendliness should be the norm. Residents are more likely to stay when staff develops strong bonds with them. Residents struggle to connect with staff when turnover is high, so hiring practices should be standardized and rigorous.

Pro Tip: Many senior living managers find that keeping staff happy results in better resident retention.

2) Provide Entertainment

Part of the reason traditional nursing homes have such a bad reputation is the cold, sterile environment many had. Offering a warm setting with plenty of activities for residents will ensure that your facility is differentiated from your competition. The entertainment that’s right for your community will vary based on your resident population, so providers are wise to identify the types of entertainment that their residents will enjoy most, from visiting musicians and lecturers to fitness classes or gardening.

3) Budget With Care

Elaborate landscaping surrounding your community may look beautiful — but they may not provide the best return on investment that you would expect. Ask yourself if your residents really value the thousands of dollars routinely going towards exterior aesthetics, when that money could instead be spent on wellness, fitness or rehab services to keep residents healthy and in the community. Senior living communities that prioritize their expenses unwisely often end up spending money that won’t allow them to address the future needs of their residents.

Retention vs. New Residents

Remember that a resident who does not move out is just as important as the one who moves in. It benefits you to focus on resident retention just as much as you focus on attracting new residents.

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