3 Summertime Features for Your Properties

Marketing and advertising efforts must adapt to different seasons as people’s immediate needs change. Your property is no exception! Potential renters in the late summer and early autumn are sure to look twice at a location designed to appeal to them.

Are your rental properties ready for summer? Find out with this checklist of summer features for your property! #TarantinoProperties #propertymanagement

Maintaining an Appealing Property

This time of year, tenants have a very specific list of property traits in mind. Does your space measure up? In the warm summer and autumn months, potential renters tend to look for these features:

  1. Reliable air conditioning
  2. Healthy plants
  3. Lit outdoor walkways

1) Reliable Air Conditioning

Houston summers are miserably hot. Most buildings in Houston already have air conditioning, but when was the last time you tested or upgraded it? Make sure the AC systems in your properties are working and keeping your buildings at a comfortable temperature for when potential tenants visit.

2) Healthy Plants

A well-maintained lawn is an appealing sight in the summer sun. Keep the lawn mowed and the weeds pulled for a professional appearance. Additionally, consider spreading mulch in flowerbeds to retain moisture, or set up an irrigation system to keep all the plants watered. Don’t let the Houston summer destroy your lawn!

Pro Tip: Plenty of colorful flowers thrive in direct sunlight and high temperatures. Liven up your property’s exterior with some natural beauty this summer!

3) Lit Outdoor Walkways

Heat and bright sunlight can make daytime walks unpleasant. As summer continues, some people choose to take walks or run their errands later in the day to avoid the worst of the heat. Any tenants who are out late will definitely appreciate well-lit walkways to or between your buildings! Give your properties a safe and professional appearance.

Give Your Tenants What They Want

Business owners have to market to their target audience by understanding and offering features that their clients want. As a property owner, your job is very similar. In addition to keeping your property maintained, you have to learn which summer features your potential tenants will want and make sure to offer them.

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How to Attract Tenants for Your Commercial Property

Do you have an open space in your shopping center? Does your commercial office building ready to start welcoming new tenants? Take advantage of our proven methods for attracting tenants to your commercial or multifamily property.

Are you looking to fill some of your empty space? Start attracting potential tenants for your commercial property!

The tenants you choose will likely be renting from you for years to come, and their trustworthiness will significantly impact your income and the condition of your property. Don’t default to the first prospective tenants. Try these expert-approved methods to find and retain quality tenants for your commercial property.

Appealing to Prospective Tenants

What do tenants want from your property? While you don’t have to bend over backward, providing a few incentives will make your space seem more appealing to potential renters. Consider offering a rent-free period, pre-installed internet, upgraded security measures, or simply making your property more visually appealing. Maintain any yard space and decorate your property’s interior with artwork or flower vases. The more well-maintained a property looks, the better the impression you’ll leave on a potential tenant.

Prioritizing Building Improvements

If the property could use a few improvements or renovations, don’t delay the projects for too long. Replacing old furnishings or outdated technology should be first on your priority list. This goes beyond the simple decorative efforts of making your property look nicer. Show prospective commercial tenants that you can offer them a well-built, modern space with up-to-date technology and designs.

Pro Tip: How can you improve your commercial property’s security? Consider installing security cameras or hiring security guards to show your tenants you value their safety.

Difficult Tenants vs. Quality Tenants

It’s not always easy to predict whether a prospective renter is a good choice for you or not. But there are a few signs you can watch out for. Maybe the renter has been rude and demanding in every conversation with you. Alternatively, maybe the business owner seems in over his head with his plans and may be on track to fail. The red flags may vary. Just know that you are not required to rent to the tenant with the highest offer or the most vocal requests. Find someone who can not only pay you, but is also a good fit for your property and someone you’ll enjoy working with.

Commercial Property Management Can Help

Finding long-term tenants that you can form a good relationship with can be time-consuming. Plus, with the everchanging real estate market, it’s important for property owners like you to be equipped for the future. Our professional property managers are trained real estate agents who understand the different dynamics of a commercial property. Start investing your time where it counts by partnering with our team of professionals to help grow your occupancy. 

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