The internet is quickly becoming the number one spot for marketing materials for every large industry. In the world of commercial real estate, the growth of the internet is garnering new buyers and potential clients. Discover how to use online marketing tools to boost your commercial real estate marketing plans.

Does your commercial property have an online presence or a winning marketing campaign? Learn how to boost your reach with these strategies!

Top Commercial Real Estate Marketing Ideas 

As any marketing specialist will tell you, heightened online visibility is a critical part of your advertising strategy. Make sure the right people can view your listings! To begin your marketing campaign, start with these important steps:

  1. Narrowing down your target audience
  2. Optimizing for search engines
  3. Taking advantage of social media

1) Narrowing Down Your Target Audience

Who exactly are you hoping to attract to your property? Consider whether a restaurant, shop, office, or a different type of business would do best in that location. Once you know who you’d like to attract, target your marketing campaign specifically toward them. Don’t bother marketing to restaurants if your property would work best as a store! Focus on clients who have the most to gain by renting from you.

2) Optimizing for Search Engines

Your property website and contact information must be easy for potential customers to find if you want to stay competitive. To make your website more visible online, work on search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is a very complex field of work, but for a quick boost in your online visibility, you can focus on a single aspect of SEO: keywords. What words or phrases are your potential customers typing into Google as they hunt for properties? Find the most common keywords and work them into your website’s text. This makes your site more visible to Google and tells your clients you have something directly relevant to them.

Pro Tip: SEO is very helpful to get your website in front of more people, but try not to overdo it! Too many keywords could make your website look like spam and earn you a ban from Google.

3) Taking Advantage of Social Media

Business owners use social media for their own marketing efforts–why shouldn’t you? Post pictures and detailed descriptions of your available property space on your business social media accounts, and if the platform allows it, pay a few extra dollars to boost the posts and reach a wider audience. Social media is a powerful communication tool likely to place your advertisements in front of many people.

How to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Effective commercial real estate marketing doesn’t happen overnight. Understanding your market can may take some trial and error to ensure that you’re distributing the best information available. That’s one plus of having a property manager on your team. With experience in tenant relations and real estate tactics, your property will be advertised in the best way possible.

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