No property manager is perfect. From time to time, clients will have disagreements or complaints about a manager’s decisions. For a property manager, complaints are as much part of the job as anything else. Professionals should know how to handle these problems when they arise.

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Common Client Grievances

Just like any other job, even negative customer feedback can help managers improve their performance and better help their clients. Clear communication between the parties will help fix the problem or clear up any misunderstandings. A few of the most common complaints directed at property managers include: 

  1. Handling too many responsibilities
  2. Avoiding responsibilities
  3. Lack of communication
  4. Overspending

1) Handling Too Many Responsibilities

Some people are experts at multitasking, while others aren’t. Regardless of your ability to juggle multiple projects at once, most people realize that taking on too much work at one time means that no one piece of work gets the attention it needs. The same principle applies to property managers. If a facility manager is struggling to balance multiple properties, individual locations will get passed over at inopportune times. See if your manager can lighten his workload, or find a different manager who can dedicate more time to you.

2) Avoiding Responsibilities

A property manager’s apparent laziness can either be a separate problem entirely or a consequence of number one. Maybe the manager genuinely forgot about a certain problem after a long day juggling several other properties. However, some managers do neglect or forget commitments made to property owners. When this happens, make sure to remind your property manager of what you asked him to do.

3) Lack of Communication

This problem can be the fault of both parties in some cases. A client who needs to get hold of a property manager will have better luck calling during business hours than late at night, for instance. On the other hand, some property managers need a little reminding before they’ll settle into a comfortable communication routine with you.

Of course, sometimes a property manager just doesn’t communicate as much as necessary. Regardless of the reason, communication is critical to the manager-client relationship and you as the client must continue asking until you hear back.

Pro Tip: Your property manager works for you. If you feel they aren’t communicating effectively with you or treating you respectfully, ask the management company if they can recommend another manager.

4) Overspending

Property managers may coordinate maintenance and other work for your properties, but you ultimately pay for any work they order. Make sure the manager clearly understands your budget and doesn’t continually leave you short on money. Ask them to explain every potential charge and how essential it is before you pay for a new project.

Maintaining a Professional Relationship

A professional manager ultimately wants your buildings to stay maintained and full of tenants as much as you do–after all, you both ultimately benefit from a lucrative property. Learn to address complaints quickly and try to come to a resolution that will make both parties happy.

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