5 Ways to be Superb for Your Property Owners & Tenants

Is there a method to becoming a great property management company? What differentiates great from good companies? The answer is easier than you think:  Exemplary Customer Service. If you focus on your tenants, owners and anyone that has anything to do with the properties, you can not go wrong! Here are a few tips to help:

1. Simple, Simple and Simple

Time is a precious commodity. Everyone is extremely busy so tenants and owners want to be able to access information about their accounts and properties after their work day is over. A portal that is easy to access and extremely user friendly is something that will make your tenants / owners very happy. They can make payments or check whether a payment went through and even see the progress made on their project. If the property is maintained and in great shape, they will take much more pride in their property and be happier with you. Bottom line is by keeping the property clean, maintained and all processes simple, you are showing them respect and everyone is happy!

2. Different Strokes for Different Folks

Even though we are in 2016 and technology is all the rave, there are individuals out there who haven’t taken a hold of it like others.  Online rent payments are awesome but there are others who feel too suspicious to put their payment information on line or are not computer literate and would much prefer to speak to someone in person or over the phone. Providing a contact for your tenants where they can get answers or make payments to a real person is a vital method of providing excellent service. Have set office hours and keep them. This prevents frustration. Owners will have peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands with the property management company they chose.

3. Anticipate Issues & Be the Solution

Property Management companies like Tarantino Properties have so much experience that they can foresee problems before they happen. Maintaining the property, having diligent repair schedules and constantly checking in with tenants and owners will help to prevent some major problems down the road. Inevitably problems will still occur but being pro-active will give you the extra time needed to take care of the other problems that surprise you. The tenants feel safe and trust that their problems will be addressed immediately and they can enjoy their lives

4. Clear Communication

Document, Document, Document. There is nothing more refreshing that clear communication. Everyone appreciates it and is better off for it. Create a policy and stick to it. From the lease agreement to the maintenance schedule, everything should be clearly explained and clearly displayed. Use your property management data system to properly file key documents, and make sure that these are accessible to both owners and tenants online and offline. This leads to no surprises which means more time for all to enjoy the property!

5. A Promise is a Promise

Keep your word. There is nothing worse than a tenant or an owner thinking that you do not keep your promises. They will remember what you have committed to so make sure that you keep a log for everything you say and then do it. It’s as easy as that.

Quality service leads to quality tenants. Your occupancy rates will soar!