Several crucial aspects of property management stay the same across different types of facilities. However, providing assisted living management services comes with its own set of challenges. Before hiring a property manager for a senior living community, be prepared to see if they’re really up to the task.

A senior property manager has to remember the special needs of the residents as well as the typical requirements for maintaining a property. How well do they handle interactions with seniors and potentially difficult residents or family members? Can they still balance professionalism and customer service with expert property management? Before you hire anyone, ask questions and try to learn more about how they’ll handle certain situations or problems.

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Visiting Schedule

If the manager has to visit the property for any reason, they should always send you and the residents advance notice. Keep the visiting date on the schedule and make sure neither you nor the property manager is inconvenienced when they arrive. Simply put, neither of you should be surprised by a visit. Both parties should allow themselves plenty of time to prepare.

Pro Tip: Your senior living property manager should always be ready to help you and your residents with problems quickly.

Professionalism and Customer Service

During the interview process, observe how your candidate treats you and the senior residents they’ll be interacting with. Are they generally pleasant and professional? Do they treat you and the residents with respect? A positive attitude will go a long way toward being an effective, well-liked property manager. If you could see yourself working with this person long-term, continue the interview process.

Additionally, reliability is a crucial skill. Have they proven themselves to be trustworthy? Are they reliable enough to show up on time and keep their word? Property management experience is of course critical to working in senior living management, but honesty and trustworthiness also mean a lot.

Sales and Marketing

Finally, ensure that your prospective property manager knows how to develop an effective marketing plan for your assisted living community. At the end of the day, you are running a business, and businesses require a detailed marketing strategy. Your property manager should be ready to help you advertise your senior housing facility and attract new residents. See if you can find any of their past marketing work to get an idea of what you can expect.

Hiring a Property Management Company for Senior Living

Assisted living management is an entirely different work style and environment from managing an apartment complex or shopping center property. However, with the right skills for the job, your property manager will be up to the task. A detailed interview and research on the candidate should tell you everything you need to know.

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