Receivership Services

With Tarantino, you can be confident that all necessary acts for proper and lawful receivership will be followed.

Tarantino Properties, Inc. acts as an appointed Receiver for many lenders and special servicers throughout the United States. Tarantino has been assigned more than 60 multifamily property management assignments over the years.

As a qualified Receiver, we can assure our clients that all the necessary acts for a proper and lawful receivership will be followed.

Multifamily Property Receivership

As a receiver, Tarantino ensures that the income from the multifamily property is going towards paying off the loan and maintaining the property. We manage the daily operations, expenses, and marketing efforts related to the property.

Commercial Property Receivership

As the appointed receiver for commercial properties, Tarantino markets the property and takes our duty to obtain a reasonable and proper price for that asset seriously. All decisions related to the property are made with profitability and value in mind.

Our Receivership Duties Include:

  • Take possession of the property
  • Take control of any bank accounts
  • Take and maintain possession of all documents, books, and records
  • Collect Rents
  • Pay all expenses associated with the receivership and operating expenses of the property
  • Maintain budgets and operating reports
  • Present courts and lenders with all operating reports
  • Sell or lease the property

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