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Women in Real Estate Summit

September 21, 2018

On September 11, 2018, Peggy Rougeou, Tarantino’s Director of Leasing, was pleased to speak at the Women in Real Estate Summit in Houston, Texas. The event focused on the contributions of women in the commercial real estate sector, the challenges they face and the industry as a whole.

Each path into this industry was different, but women can definitely participate in commercial real estate and be leaders in the industry. – Peggy Rougeou

Women in Real Estate: Houston

The event featured several discussions focused around the gender gap, lessons learned from industry leaders, and a look to the future. Peggy sat on a panel with 4 other distinguished speakers and 1 moderator to discuss the early female pioneers that emerged in the commercial real estate industry. 

The Discussion Panel

  • Moderator: Gary Maler, Director, Texas A&M Real Estate Center
  • Edna Meyer-Nelson, President & CEO, The Richland Group
  • Cyndee Smith, Sr. VP/Retail/Land Services, Oldham Goodwin
  • Rhonda Sands, Sr. VP, Green Bank
  • Peggy Rougeou, Tarantino Properties, Director of Leasing

Past, Present and Future

The panel discussed early female pioneers in the commercial real estate industry,  and how they broke into the male-dominated sector. They reviewed the challenges encountered and the initial reaction to women in the industry. They reflected on potential mistakes made or things that could have been done differently, then looked ahead at the future of women in the business.

Closing Thoughts

Peggy summed up her experience with the following closing thoughts: “I enjoyed being one of the many panelists for the Women’s In Real Estate Summit, which was a very informative round of discussion on how to hire, develop, buy, finance and lease commercial property.  When the summit was over I had learned a lot about where women started in this business and where they are going. I was totally impressed with each panelist that brought something new to the table.  Women are definitely navigating their path through this male-dominated business and their future is bright!”

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