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Category: Commercial Property Management

4 Common Complaints About Property Managers

No property manager is perfect. From time to time, clients will have disagreements or complaints about a manager’s decisions. For a property manager, complaints are as much part of the job as anything else. Professionals should know how to handle these problems when they arise. These 4 complaints…

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The Importance of Facility Management

Any type of property requires significant work to plan, manage, and maintain over time. As a property owner, you likely don’t have the time to invest all the effort necessary into caring for your properties as much as they need. That’s where professional facility management can help you. A…

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3 Benefits of Facility Management

Owning property, particularly commercial property, presents a set of challenges not many people are equipped to handle. Fortunately, a professional property manager can help you manage your facilities and boost your profits with little hassle. How can a facility management service help you with…

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Facility Management: Smart Buildings of the Future

The term “smart buildings” makes most people think of a system like Siri, Cortana, or the computer in Star Trek. While some new buildings do indeed make use of similar systems, most are simpler. The technology in a smart building regulates such key factors as temperature, lighting, security, air…

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What are the Functions of Facility Management?

A facility manager is a crucial addition to any property owner’s team. Store owners especially will benefit from their expert input, knowledge of real estate management, ability to reduce your workload, and more. Owning a business means handling so many minute tasks a day that important ones may…

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How to Attract Millennials to Your Shopping Center

At most shopping centers, millennials and younger people will be your primary customer base. Contrary to what you may have heard, millennials are not exceptionally hard to please and will return to your shopping center if you can provide them with a good experience. Like any other group of people,…

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