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Category: Commercial Property Management

The Benefits of Working with a Shopping Center Specialist

Congratulations on your new retail space! Whether you just signed the dotted line or construction management is already underway, your ultimate goal is to hit maximum occupancy. But, you don’t want to rush the process to where any random tenant squeezes in. Your location and type of building along…

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5 Popular Types of Senior Care Facilities for Investors

There is no denying that many Americans are getting older and now more than 46 million Americans are over the age of 65, and this number is expected to double over the next 25 years. Due to this, families, health care providers, and patients are having to adapt to managing chronic health…

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Benefits of a Property Manager in Your Commercial Investments

Whether you own a shopping center, apartment building, or any other commercial property, your investment can benefit from working with a property management team. A professional property management service s equipped to facilitate all aspects of your commercial property from accounting services to…

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What is Facility Management in Commercial Property?

If you own a commercial property, you should certainly consider working with a professional facility management department. The right company will help your property buildings not only succeed but thrive. Facility management is an essential component of owning commercial property. An experienced…

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How to Determine the Best Use for a Commercial Property

Are you considering taking the plunge and investing in commercial property? It can be a slippery slope if the property you choose has problems that will result in a loss of revenue. On the other end of the spectrum, you could make a huge profit that will sustain your income for months or even years…

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