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Category: Multifamily Property Management

How to Boost Your Tenant Retention Rate

In any property, keeping your tenants happy is crucial to sustaining your business and maintaining cash flow. Residential property managers in particular face the challenge of keeping tenants satisfied with their living arrangements and ready to continue renewing a lease. While there are plenty of…

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6 Secrets to Help You Retain Good Tenants

All property managers wish for respectful, easy-to-manage tenants. It can be hard to find tenants that are courteous, respectful, and who want to stay in the property long-term. By making a few small changes in the way that you manage the property, or your tenant-landlord relationship, you can help…

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5 Tips for Tenant Screening: How to Find Quality Residents

Today’s most profitable multifamily rental properties are the result of meticulous research, hard work, and foresight. A truly profitable investment requires several variables coming together, each playing their part in the successful operations of the property. However, there is a single variable…

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How to Manage a Multi-Family Property

How to Manage a Multi-Family Property Do you have what it takes to successfully manage a multi-family property? In a business where things change at the drop of a hat, it is important to remember the simplest parts of running any type of property. Always be up to date on important…

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Tenant Safety

Tenant Safety Property managers, your tenants safety is the most important part of your job. Your tenants need to feel safe and secure while they live at your apartment complexes. Safety issues will also be red flags for any potential tenants when they come to look at your property or when they…

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